Our recent promotions

[5-February-15 11:26:09]
Look no further. If you are looking for some great value in regards to legal advice, have a look at our recent promotions. How can...

Lessons learned from a stress at work case

[2-February-15 14:05:07]
I recently had the good fortune to be involved in a successful stress at work claim where the employer eventually agreed to an out-of-court settlement...


Big changes for Employers who employ drivers!!

[17-November-14 11:47:56]
Important change for companies which employ drivers   By 10 September 2014, all professional drivers (essentially lorry, bus and coach drivers) need to carry a...

Employers owe billions in backpay to Employees

[17-November-14 10:57:08]
You won’t have missed the headlines in the newspapers announcing that workers can sue their employers for £millions in holiday backpay claims, going all the...

Self-employed or Employee?

[17-November-14 10:54:53]
Status is what it is In the recent case summary below is a warning to all Employers that Tribunals can, will and do make rulings...

Shared Parental Leave

[17-November-14 10:43:51]
Shared parental leave – Are you ready? Around about now, some parents-to-be will be thinking ahead to next April. In less than nine months’ time...