Partner Referral Programme

Fancy earning some extra cash?

We are looking for partners to reward for referring our services to their family, friends, and colleagues or perhaps you’re more than happy to go out and pro-actively seek new business for us – and for that we want to reward you!
Our simple referral programme will make it easy for you to start earning yourself some extra cash each month for you to do whatever you please with.
How it works:
1. If you refer us a case that we end up taking on for an employee / employer – we will give you 10% of our fee.


2. If you refer to us a company who wants to pay us a monthly fee for our services – their first month’s fee we give to you.


You decide to join our Partner Referral Programme, and are thinking of how you can start generating leads for us as you are browsing Facebook. As you’re thinking, your friend puts on their status they have been sacked from their job and they think it’s unfair; you contact them and tell them of a company you know that may be able to help them. Send us their details and we will do the rest – it’s that easy!

If we accept their claim on a no win no fee basis and they receive compensation of £10,000 you would receive 10% of our fees which would mean you get £312.50!

Then you think you know of a business that would benefit from paying a monthly amount and receive unlimited access to our legal advice line and documents. They are a small company and would pay £94 a month – you would receive their first monthly
payment in your bank!

You like this easy money and think of another company, this time this one is a little larger and has a couple of sites. They pay £350 a month to us; you get that first month in your bank account also.
You’re beginning to get into this and realise that you work for a company who may benefit from some in-house training on conducting Disciplinary and Grievance processes– that’s another £100 you’ve earned just by putting us in contact with the right person.

Before you know it you’ve earned yourself an extra £856.50!!!

You may choose to join our Partner Referral Programme just for those occasions when you may come across someone looking for an employment law solicitor, just to earn yourself an extra bit of cash. However, you may see the earning potential and think I’m really going to push this and earn myself a nice lump of extra cash each month.

What’s more – every 3 months, every time one of our partners refers us a new client they get put into a draw (so the more you refer the more chances you have of winning) for a chance to win a PRIZE! It may be a spa break for 2, it may an iPad Air, it may be an overnight stay at Alton Towers for 2 people! We will announce the prize up for grabs at the start of every quarter so you know what prize your all competing for.

We can provide our Partners with the necessary promotional material and educate them on our business and the services we offer – to ensure you EARN your maximum potential!

Contact us for more details.