At Laveer Legal we pride ourselves in providing a bespoke drafting service tailored to suit all of our individual clients and the needs of their business. We can draft any document an employer requires, regardless of how small or large their specific needs are.

An employment contract is the core to protect you and your business, different industries experience different problems and are legally obliged to comply with different standards, therefore no one contract suits all – at least not effectively when it comes to relying on it!

Employee handbooks are a great tool if drafted, implemented and utilised well and everyone in your business knows what to expect in every eventuality. This, in turn, provides a greater level of confidence amongst your workforce that they have a good and reasonable employer.

All employers have a duty to keep their policies and procedures current and up to date. All of our Platinum and Prestige clients are informed by their consultant of any new changes in legislation or trends, which may mean they have to update or amend a policy. Removing all the stress and worry away from keeping ahead of the minefield of employment law.