HR are expected to be available to the whole organisation whilst at the same time being expected to stay on top of the ever changing employment law guidelines, legislation and case law.  In our experience, when an HR Professional is faced with a complex case or problem there is usually nobody in their organisation for them to turn to for support.  Solicitors are only ever called upon when a case is on its way or already at the tribunal stage, due to the expense associated with their services.

How will I be supported in my role as a HR Professional?

You will have unlimited access to employment law advice from your assigned legal expert and their team who will also draft any associated letters or documents for you.  For times when you are just too busy to deal with that disciplinary issue that has recently cropped up, why not give us a call and let us do all the drafting of letters for you? This will free you some time up to get on top of your other jobs on that never ending To Do list.  You will never have to worry about those complex cases again and as we all know, when we are busy, it is the easiest thing in the world to make little mistakes (and we appreciate how demanding a HR really role is!), but with us, you will just have that reassurance that you are handling everything correctly,

We wanted to devise a package that not only provided legal services and support to HR professionals in their role but also give them added benefits of huge discounts on other services they would utilise in their business such as Training, tribunal services (due to the claims culture we live in we can guarantee you won’t be faced with any I’m afraid) and for those times when you just cannot split yourself down the middle any more, we will even conduct complex internal procedures for you!! For those businesses that utilise these services the way they are intended, the savings made will mean the monthly retainer will end up paying for itself!!