Tackling the pay gap

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Tackling the pay gap

Following the introduction of gender pay gap reporting in April this year, the Equality and Human Rights Commission has published six steps to reducing disparities in pay related to gender, ethnicity and disability. These are:

  1. Address differences in subject and career choices, educational attainment, and access to apprenticeships.
  2. Improve work opportunities for everyone, no matter who they are or where they live.
  3. Make all jobs at all levels available on a flexible basis.
  4. Encourage men and women to share childcare responsibilities.
  5. Reduce prejudice and bias in recruitment, promotion and pay.
  6. Report on progress in reducing pay gaps.

The ECHR says that the aim of the strategy is to break down barriers, tackle stereotypes, and change employment practice to make flexible working available in more senior roles. The report highlights the economic benefits to be gained by decreasing pay gaps, not least the BEIS statistic of an extra £24 billion a year to be added to the economy by improving the participation and progression of ethnic minorities at work.

The report is here.