The support we have received from Laveer Legal has been extremely good. Our contact, Samantha, has always responded promptly to any questions or advice we required, and often followed up when we had not responded, including emails out of hours. An extremely professional service with a friendly informal approach – the perfect balance. Five Star review Rob Slater, Center Manager

Rob Slater

Broadbent & Co

  New Mills Town Council On seeking out a Barrister and Employment Legal Specialist, Ben Norman and Samantha Quinn of Laveer Legal were approached as highly recommended suppliers of advice in the area of Employment Law / Human Resources , to advice, guide and represent the Council in a Employment Tribunal Hearing.   Within a very short period of only one week after engagement, both Ben and Samantha, had worked their way through what can only be described as a very long running and complex case, and it is more than fair to say had a very firm understanding of the issues involved.   It was glaringly obvious that the engagement of both Ben and Samantha, ensured the success of the case in favour of the Council, as both had a wealth of knowledge and experience in dealing with such matters   Ben and Samantha went that extra mile in providing support and immediate responses, to any difficult situation that arose around the time of the hearing. They both have a strong mix of being Professional and Affable, with definite defined communication skills, which made working with them a very pleasant and stress free experience.   I would highly recommend Ben and Samantha of Laveer Legal, for any organisation who are seeking a quality professional service provider, to deal with employment and human resources matters, without hesitation.   David Ian Lamb. Chair of the Council

David Lamb

New Mills Town Council

The team at Laveer are consummate professionals….diligent, knowledgable, responsive and always willing to go the extra mile. I recommend their services highly

Mr. Damien Walshe, Deputy Headteacher

St. Christina's School

I commissioned Ben Norman and Samantha Quinn from Laveer Legal to review a contract for me. In almost 20 years of commissioning employment advice in 5 different countries, I don’t know when I have ever had such a concise and clear response. They put my mind at rest on some issues; confirmed my concerns about other points and provided me with solid arguments with which to address them in negotiations; and raised some further issues for me to be aware of. I couldn’t have asked for more, and I would certainly recommend their services.

R Turner

I am writing with regards to the outcome of a disciplinary at my place of work where I was represented by Samantha Quinn. The decision made was that no further action would be taken in relation to the case and would not be recorded on my record of employment.  This is a great outcome as I was being accused for gross misconduct.  I would like to thank Samantha Quinn for her hard work an effort on the case, i am sure if it were not for her I would have been dismissed. Samantha Quinn is a great asset to your company and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to friends and work colleagues if the need arises.

Victoria Kirkham

Samantha represented me through a particularly difficult dispute with a former employer. I found her to be highly professional and very personable, spending time with me during a very difficult period. During my case she was always extremely well prepared and provided me with comprehensive statements of case. During hearings she represented me robustly with her extensive knowledge being evident in the way she presented my case. This extensive knowledge and her profession approach resulted in a positive outcome in my case that I would not have achieved without her representation. I would recommend her to any professional in need of any employment advice/representation.

Stephen Smith

Making the decision to subscribe to Laveer’s helpdesk has provided all of our managers with 24 hour access to unlimited employment law & HR advice. This can be used when an issue arises or in anticipation of a problem, or if we are just looking for general advice without worrying about the cost.  The service includes the provision of all necessary letters and documents, which gives us the confidence required in responding to any situation. This piece of mind is priceless, and I would have no hesitation in recommending Laveer Legal

Prima Hotels Limited

Thank you so much for your assistance with my HR issues.  Your expert advice saved me for making poor decisions which would have impacted my business around employee disciplinary.  You were quick in responding and provided me with the details to make an informed decision.  I felt reassured and had the opportunity to discuss the situation with you personally.  You then provided me with the written document and follow up information to issue to the employee.  It was professional, time effective and provided me with the solution to enforce my decision in the correct manner. I will definitely continue using your service and have found it very supportive especially in a fast moving environment whereby legislation around this area is constantly changing and it is a relief to know that I do not need to spend unnecessarily time sorting or researching this.  Thank you

Pam Mistry

My name is Martin Taylor-Reid and I have no hesitation in giving Samantha a testimonial for the tremendous work that she did for me recently, regarding a grievance within my company. Samantha’s knowledge and attention to detail is unprecedented in my opinion and once she takes on any work on your behalf, she will go for it and you will have a pleasant outcome. Your first impressions of seeing this lady will be ‘Have I made the right choice’ how can she stand up to powerful people, and have the acquired knowledge I require to ensure I am protected. Well don’t underestimate this lady, she will amass all the details of your case and put forward a powerful argument and I am under no illusions that she will win in the majority of cases. Samantha rescued the situation. Best of Luck Samantha and thank you once again for all your hard work and support.

Martin Taylor-Reid

I would just like to say a huge thank you to Samantha Quinn who helped me yesterday in my Disciplinary. I was very impressed with her as being professional knowledgeable, and assertive when necessary without coming over aggressive, and I felt she was in control in the hearing, with a calm and understanding of the situation from both sides, treated me with respect and understood complexity of the case very quickly, and I if ever I need help from an employment advocate/rep again or if  anyone asks me, Samantha Quinn would be the person i will be turning too, thank you for sending Samantha to my rescue.

John Blackwood

It’s with great pleasure I write this testimonial in regards to Samantha Quinn.  She always presented herself punctual and her knowledge of employment law is really good. She understood my case quickly, despite the complexities’, and took time to look into every minute detail, to ensure we were covered from every angle in regards to employment law.  Her work was thorough on every aspect of the case.  She was assuring and accommodating during this particular period of stress. I would strongly recommend her to anyone who needs someone to stand for them to argue their case.

Dr. Raghu Saligrama

Laveer assisted me in a recent gross misconduct case, which in regards to the law and the processes was completely over my head and I was not prepared to go it alone.  I was so impressed with the level of service I received, all letters and emails were responded to effectively and professionally, and fully prepared for the case without having any involvement from myself, which was a great weight lifted from my shoulders’.   I was able to contact them at any point leading up to and after the case with any questions or concerns, and always provided advice that I understood fully, which I have not always received in the past.  Every penny was well spent and I would not hesitate in recommending Laveer to family, friends and colleagues who would profit from their services.  I feel every company would benefit from having Laveer on board!

Dennis Anderton

I came across Laveer initially when they was representing one of our employees, and they absolutely wiped the floor with me and I knew I had to have that company on my side in future!  Following that case we contacted Laveer to see if they could join our company as an advisor on all our future employment and HR issues, as we would rather have them with us than against us again.  Our consultant is a down to earth lady, easy to talk through any problem, makes a point of understanding where we needed help and got to know our staff personally, highlighted the issues in our company and possible solutions for us to choose from and explained everything in layman terms.  They have been happy to travel to our place of work and undertake complex disciplinary and grievances cases on our behalf, to ensure we ticked all the boxes contained in the minefield of employment Law, allowing us to get on with our business but having the peace of mind we were compliant with legislation.  We will continue to use Laveer’s services, as I have invested in similar services in the past all of which have been generic and not personalised to our business which is what we received from Laveer Legal, a personal service with an extraordinary personal touch. An absolute asset to our company without the associated fee’s of a HR member of staff or seeking advice from our solicitors’.  Thank you.

Debbie Richens

Laveer’s skills and expertise in employment law and HR have gone a long way in providing peace of mind after disciplinary issues with a member of staff. Not only their advice, understanding and her support through a difficult gross misconduct case, in which they undertook the appeal, it was without doubt both professionally and sensitively handled. Their ability in getting to know our business and understanding the issues involved resulted in putting in place policies and procedures, overhauling our employment contracts and handbooks to give us greater security for the future of our business. HR support at its best! As a small business, priority is not always given to purchasing the kind services offered by Laveer Legal, but this is not a luxury, this is part of laying the foundations to the success of our business. Laveer helped tailor their services to our needs, and at a cost we could afford to incorporate in our budget.

Christine Lowe

Samantha became a source of great support to me during a time we were making redundancies, some of which were not so straight forward and we had to be extremely careful to ensure we were legally compliant. Samantha went further to advise of potential discrimination claims that may arise out of our decision to make redundancies, so she ensured we were covered from every angle! Her knowledge of employment law meant that I was always sure of my facts and confident in her services at every step of the way. Samantha and her company are a great source of professional guidance. Without her, I don’t know what I would’ve done!

Rosi England

Samantha represented our company during a redundancy/ restructure and also during a Director’s dispute. I found her to be professional, confident, and knowledgeable in all aspects of employment law and gave me great satisfaction and peace of mind to have her on our side. The whole situation was a mess to say the very least, and she certainly had her work cut out – but she never failed in delivering a fantastic service and great result. I would recommend her company’s services to all businesses out there as she is an asset for any firm to have on board their team and working for you!

Matthew Gates

After working in HR for a number of years and dealing with a large well established company I was unsure of their advice so I looked for a second opinion. I came across Samantha whose advice was second to none, she spoke to me in plain English and pointed out my options and also explained about how an employee would feel and their options. I would not hesitate to recommend Samantha to anyone who needs advice on employment matters.

Vikki Curtis

I would like to congratulate Sam at Laveer Legal on her outstanding customer service when updating our employment contracts’. After looking at the old contracts Sam quickly spotted several flaws and amended them quickly, inserting and removing numerous clauses that were required. After handing out the new contracts a few of our employees had several questions I could not answer.  Sam sorted the quickly for me so I could get the contracts signed, leaving employer and employee feeling secure. Sam’s service was prompt, professional and courteous.  I would urge anyone with staff to get Laveer Legal to look over their employment contracts.

Luke Mellor