The Case

Drinkers’ Delight plc is a well-known owner of public houses. It owns a chain of 600 pubs which are all run under its management.

David Hindes was the Bar Manager of the Tipsey Tadpole Ale House. This is a busy public house in the centre of Manchester. After graduating four years ago, David went to work at the Tipsey Tadpole as a barman and he has worked his way up.

Margaret Mooney works part-time, serving behind the bar at the Tipsey Tadpole. Margaret has been with Drinkers’ Delight, at a few of their public houses for the last 30 years (she makes a fantastic hotpot!) Neville Newton, a student at the local college, also works behind the bar on a Wednesday and Saturday evening.

Drinkers’ Delight noticed that David had been depositing the Tipsey Tadpoles’ takings at the post office only once a week. The Drinkers’ Delight plc Bar Managers Procedures state that takings should be banked three times a week.

Drinkers’ Delight undertook an unannounced audit at the Tipsey Tadpole Ale House. This was carried out by Mr Ellis, a stock auditor. The audit revealed that 30 bottles of Violent Vodka were missing. There was another discrepancy too: the computer record shows that the Tipsey Tadpole Ale House, took £10,000 each week in February. But, according to the record at the post office only £9,000 was paid in each week of that month.

David was suspended, subjected to disciplinary proceedings and eventually dismissed for gross misconduct. He has brought a tribunal claim for unfair dismissal in the Manchester employment tribunal.

What you get included:

  • ET1 and ET3
  • Bar Manager procedures
  • Investigation documents
  • Disciplinary hearing notes
  • Witness statements
  • Notes for witnesses
  • Draft judgment
  • Delegate summary