No need to be scared – we’ve done the work for you. Working Time issues strike terror into the hearts of most lawyers. Understanding and keeping up to date with the myriad of domestic and European cases can suck up a fee-earner’s life. What happens when a sick employee asks for their sick-leave to be classified as holiday? Or if the employer wants to classify sick-leave as holiday? Or when the employee falls ill while on pre-booked annual leave? It’s important stuff, and clients want to be kept in the know.

The lecture covers:-

  • right to paid holidays
  • bank holidays, contractual leave and statutory entitlement
  • who sets the holiday dates?
  • pay in lieu of holiday
  • carrying holiday leave forward
  • interrelationship between statutory holiday and sick leave
  • rest periods and rest breaks
  • exclusions and exemptions
  • special cases
  • record keeping
  • case studies
  • 48 hour week: what counts as working time, opting out, night work