Responding to tribunal claims defending employers in Greater Manchester

We offer quality representation in Greater Manchester, England and Bristol for tribunal claims defending employers. Our team of employment law solicitors are experienced when it comes to tribunal claims defending employers and are experts when it comes to representing your business for a tribunal hearing. Our tribunal claim advice service underpins a full range of services when it comes to defending claims. You can determine the value of any claim with our online calculator.

Well organised in defending claims

Our organised approach means that we can provide you with primary assumptions on how your case will turn out, which means that we can discuss your strategies as well as the risks involved with our straightforward support. Our tribunal claims defending employers service is professional and Laveer Legal solicitors will provide a case plan which will be kept under assessment as your case proceeds.

Defending claims in a way that you can trust

Providing reliable tribunal claims defences for employers is something we feel passionately about. We aim to defeat the claim and present your case with conviction and confidence to win at tribunal or resolve matters in terms you are happy with. With our vast range of knowledge of businesses in defending claims, we will make sure that we keep the process as stress-free as possible whatever the industry.

For advice on your defending claims, call our experts today on 0161 303 2062.