Providing support for HR during disciplinary claims across Greater Manchester

We provide specialised support with HR disciplinary claims for employers across Greater Manchester, England and with an additional office in Bristol. Beyond the merits of the case, HR professionals succeed at tribunal where they can show that procedures have been followed properly. One of the most fundamental errors that most employers make in both disciplinary and grievance procedures is not undertaking a thorough investigation, which is a statutory obligation and cherry-picking information they would prefer to use, which can prove costly at a tribunal. You can determine the value of any claim with our online calculator.

We work for your best interests

Our HR disciplinary advice will be that as an HR team, you must ensure you follow a fair, consistent and transparent process during all their disciplinary and grievance procedures. Statutory obligations must be fulfilled but so must any provisions contained in the Staff Handbook and/or contract of employment. Our Human resources disciplinary services are tailored to your specific requirements. We work personally with you for your best interests.

We aim to give you confidence in your claim defence

Our goal is to give you the best HR disciplinary claims advice for to give you the confidence so you can defend your best interests. Our solicitors will always be candid and pride themselves on their practical experience. You will be prepared for any hearing and we will walk you through each process. We will review any decision to ensure you receive the best advice for any further claim. You can rely on our HR disciplinary advice and feel rest assured that we can negotiate any final terms if needed.

For further information on disciplinary claims advice for HR teams, call us today on 0161 303 2062.