Disability Discrimination Solicitors based in Greater Manchester

If you feel you have been discriminated against as a result of a disability then call our team of experts now on 0161 672 5786 or contact us online and we’ll call you. Discrimination appears in all sorts of forms. Sometimes it is obvious, with someone at work deliberately and clearly treating you badly because of your disability. At other times it can be more subtle in that the company’s arrangements and practices have just not considered the needs of people with disabilities or maybe you are being deemed incapable when adjustments could enable you to work like anyone else.

Whatever the discrimination is and even if you suspect it but are unsure, Laveer Legal is here to help you. We have a vast experience of claims of this nature and are proud to be able to say that we have achieved successful outcomes for numerous clients. This includes people who remain employed and just want to be able to get back to work or those who have been dismissed or forced to resign and need our expert help to enforce their rights in an employment tribunal.

Disability is a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010, which gives disabled workers certain legal rights when at work. If your employer breaches these rights, or allows another employee to breach them, then you could have a claim.

Discuss your grievance claim with our professional team by calling 0161 303 2062.