Based in Greater Manchester, we offer clients a tailored grievance claim service

For any grievance claim advice in Greater Manchester or the England area, Laveer Legal are your first-choice employment law firm. We understand that being unhappy in your employment can be extremely challenging, but our team of trained solicitors are on hand to make sure your workplace disagreement is resolved to your liking. Our grievance claim support is founded upon a professional and reliable opinion and we can take you through each step of the process if you were to proceed. You can determine your claim value with our online calculator.

Our professional grievance claim advice

At Laveer Legal, our grievance claim advice and support is tailored to your specific needs. We can help you from the start of the process to the end. Our grievance claim service will help you with your grievance letter, the negotiations and meetings as well as through the decisions and appeals. You are never alone as we are with you through every step, giving you peace of mind with the best grievance claim support.

We prepare you for each step of your grievance claim

We understand the importance of preparing our clients for any situation they might encounter through their grievance claim.  We can provide you with legal documentation and help you with any written submissions or verbal presentations. Not only do we have an additional office in Bristol, we can also help any client throughout the UK.

Discuss your grievance claim with our professional team by calling 0161 303 2062