Our expert employee settlement agreements based in Greater Manchester

At Laveer Legal, our employee settlement agreements can offer you the maximum compensation you deserve. Serving clients throughout Greater Manchester, England and through our second location in Bristol, our settlement agreement advice that our solicitors will negotiate and do everything on your behalf, including liaising with your employer.  Our approachable and friendly professionals can also ensure that you employer pays your legal fee. You can determine the value of your claim with our online calculator.

We offer our affordable settlement agreement advice

We understand the worry you may be experiencing when thinking about the price of your legal advice. The services we offer at Laveer Legal means that we will never charge you more than your employer is prepared to pay, even if it is below our normal fees. We also offer a guarantee that you receive the compensation you deserve when it comes to your employee settlement agreements.

Understand your settlement agreement

As a professional service, we understand how important it is for you to understand that settlement agreements are legally binding contracts which can be used to end an employment relationship on agreed terms. The key points to keep in mind about employee settlement agreements are:

  • Settlement agreements are legally binding contracts that waive an individual’s rights to make a claim covered by the agreement to an employment tribunal or court.
  • The agreement must be in writing.
  • They usually include some form of payment to the employee and may often include a reference.
  • They are voluntary.
  • They can be offered at any stage of an employment relationship.

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