Quality assistance with unfair dismissal claims in Greater Manchester

As an employee in Greater Manchester or throughout England, Laveer Legal can help you with unfair dismissal claims. With an additional office in Bristol, we help clients with their unfair dismissal claims advice to question whether an employer can prove there are fair reasons for dismissal. If they are deemed to be unfair, our qualified solicitors are on hand to help you with unfair dismissal claims. You can determine the value of your claim with our online calculator.

Your first-choice unfair dismissal claims advice

Our solicitors will skilfully help you through the unfair dismissal claims process if the employer shows valid reasoning that falls into the categories set out by the Employment Rights Act of 1996 which include:

  • Capability (under-performance or ill health)
  • Conduct
  • You were not qualified for the role you were employed to do
  • There was a genuine redundancy
  • If you continue employment, it would contravene a statute
  • Another substantial reason which will be determined by investigation

We have expert knowledge when it comes to dismissal claims

At Laveer Legal, we take it very seriously when your employer has not followed the correct process when dismissing you from employment. If you have not received a proper consultation or received an unfair redundancy, our solicitors will examine whether they have provided appropriate investigation, evidence and warnings.

We have the experience to help you understand and support you through any unfair dismissal claim with our expert unfair dismissal claims services.

To discuss your dismissal claim with a professional, call us on 0161 303 2062.