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At Laveer Legal, we want to convey the importance of the regulation stating it is against the law to discriminate against or dismiss an employee who blows the whistle on a wrongdoing in the workplace. Serving Greater Manchester and England (with an additional office in Bristol), our professional solicitors are here for any whistleblowing advice you may need if you want to report any questionable behaviour by your employers that is in the public interest. You can determine the value of your claim with our online calculator

Our professional advice

As a whistleblower, you must deem that your reporting of wrongdoing by your employer is in the shared interest of your fellow employees. Whistleblowing can be protected by law if you report the following:

• A criminal offence
• A risk to a person’s health or safety
• A legal obligation is being breached
• Risk of damage to the environment
• Employer covering up wrongdoing
• Miscarriage of justice

We can support you through any situation

Our whistleblowing services at Laveer Legal offers expert advice when you need it most. Our solicitors can explain your legal rights plainly and support you further with what actions to take against your employers.

With experience in a wide range of organisations, we understand how delicate issues can become and want to reassure you that our friendly and approachable advice means that you stay legally covered for any proceedings.

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